February 3-5, 2025 | Algiers, Algeria

What is 10th AEW Expo 2025

Scheduled for February 3-5, 2025 at Algiers, Algeria, the 10th AEW Expo is the year’s largest exhibition devoted to Algeria’s electricity sector.

To sustain and to meet its growing electricity demand, which is increasing by 2-4 percent annually, Algeria needs to add 1,500 MW in fresh generating capacity and related infrastructures like transmission lines and substations each year.

The electricity reforms initiated in 2002 began a new era for Algeria’s power sector, resulting in scores of foreign and private companies bidding for independent power projects at several locations in Algeria.

There are six power projects with a cumulative capacity of over 6,000 MW planned in Algeria in the private sector. Infrastructure overheads like transmission lines and substations to evacuate fresh capacities are also under consideration. The Algerian government, to accelerate the reforms, recently awarded a $19 million contract to an Egyptian electrical contracting company to set up 550 km of high voltage electricity lines.

An inadequate supply of potable water in Algeria is another environmental issue that the country is facing. The persistent water shortage in Algeria is hurting the national economy especially when it harms agriculture. Algeria is 95 percent arid land and some 80 percent of Algeria’s land surface is in desert zones where rainfall is practically zero. John Hopkins University predicts that Algeria will have a ratio of water annually of less than 1, 000 cubic meters of available water per person in 2025 which makes water one of the main concerns for Algeria’s future. While the water sector in Algeria is languid, there is more demand to import.

The 10th Algeria Electricity & Water Expo 2025 will provide a complete range of procurement solutions for independent power producers operating in Algeria and other African countries. 10th AEW Expo will be the best and most thorough choice for all your information and procurement needs on the latest products, technologies, and services.

The exhibition hall will feature hundreds of products and services from hundreds of participating companies from over a dozen countries. This International focus will make it the most important event of the year in the Algerian power industry. Breakout sessions will take place next to the exhibit floor to give attendees a chance to explore topics of interest in-depth and question experts in a more intimate setting.

The goal of the 10th Algeria Electricity & Water Expo 2025 is to bring together experts and business leaders from Algeria and other countries to share and explore ideas on business opportunities and market trends. Join us at the 10th AEW Expo 2025, the year’s leading exhibition on the Algerian power industry!